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About the Program

Program Background


Lehigh's graduate program in Manufacturing Systems Engineering integrates systems perspectives with interdisciplinary education and training. The program is designed for experienced industry professionals to develop their appreciation and broad-based understanding of manufacturing systems design, integration and operation combining the management perspective with the engineers' feel for events on the factory floor. The MSE program is available for full, part-time and distance students both synchronously and asynchronously. Classes incorporate team assignments which provide opportunities for engineers from diverse industrial backgrounds to work together sharing skills and concepts to produce solutions to real manufacturing problems.

The program emphasizes the systems point of view embracing business planning and management, product design, quality, logistics, manufacturing processes and technologies. The manufacturing system is viewed holistically from concept, or identification of need, through organization and transformation of resources in order to solve problems and provide customer satisfaction (even 'delight') out to eventual product retirement, recycling or remanufacture without incurring trauma or waste. Systems can be viewed generically as organizations that consume resources, including energy and people, to provide products (and services) thereby generating wealth in a sustainable manner.

MSE classes are offered on campus, delivered in real time via classroom-live, and also in an asynchronous online format through Lehigh's distance education program to locations throughout the world.

Students wishing to enroll in the MSE program must have industrial experience. Thirty credits are required for the M.S. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering. A forty-five credit MBA&E with an MSE concentration is available. In addition, the Center for Manufacturing Systems Engineering offers a certificate for the successful completion of 12 MSE credits in our award-winning manufacturing systems engineering graduate program. Over 405 MS in MSE degrees have been awarded since 1984.

Our Mission

The Center for Manufacturing Systems Engineering aims to develop and improve the understanding of manufacturing systems, their implementation, management, organization and importance to society. Education and research initiatives strive to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of manufacturing systems together with the implementation of innovative manufacturing processes and technologies.

A primary activity of the Center is the administration and coordination of its cross-disciplinary master of science in manufacturing systems engineering degree program. Based in the Rossin College of Engineering, the Center is cross-disciplinary. Faculty affiliated with the program represent the academic departments in the Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science, the College of Business and Economics, and the College of Arts and Sciences.

The Center serves the local community and collaborates with industry and professional groups globally in education, research, new technology implementation, and curriculum and workforce development activities.

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