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Four Core Courses are required of all candidates for the Master of Science in MSE degree. The core courses are: MSE 362, MSE 402 & 403 (481), MSE 443 (427) and MSE 438.

  • MSE 362 - Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Modeling and analysis of supply chain design, operations, and management. Analytical framework for logistics and supply chains, demand and supply planning, inventory control and warehouse management, transportation, logistics network design, supply chain coordination, and financial factors. Students are expected to complete industry case studies and a comprehensive final project.

    - Spring 2018, Professor George Wilson.

  • MSE 401 (MSE 423) - Integrated Product Development (MSE 423 Product Design/Analysis) - An integrated and interdisciplinary approach to engineering design, concurrent engineering, design for manufacturing, industrial design and business of product development. Topics include design methods, philosophy and practice, the role of modeling and simulation, decision making, risk, cost, materials and manufacturing process selection, platform and modular design, mass customization, quality, planning and scheduling, business issues, teamwork, group dynamics, creativity and innovation. The course uses case studies and team projects with geographically dispersed team members.

    - Fall 2017, Professor Brandon Krick

  • MSE 431 - Marketing and the Invention to Innovation Process Organizational issues and decision making for capital investments in new technologies. The commercialization process is traced from research and development and marketing activities through the implementation phase, involving the manufacturing function. Term project is a commercialization plan for a new manufacturing technology.

    - Spring 2016, Professor Ravindra Chitturi.

  • MSE 438 - Agile Organizations and Manufacturing Systems Analysis of the factors contributing to the prosperity and success of manufacturing enterprises. Need for agility, flexibility and responsiveness so as to generate products and services offering ‘customer delight’ in an environment of fierce global competition and pervasive change. Influence of business, economic, engineering, social and technological forces on the manufacturing enterprise, the development of appropriate strategies for survival and growth. (Offered via satellite to remote locations)

    - Fall 2017, Alan Feiertag. Fall 2015, Professors Keith Gardiner.

  • MSE 443 (MSE 427) - Automation and Production Systems - Principles and analysis of manual and automated production systems for discrete parts and products. Cellular manufacturing, flexible manufacturing systems, transfer lines, manual and automated assembly systems, and quality control systems.

    - Spring 2017, Alan Feiertag.

  • MSE 446 - International Supply Chain Management Financial and managerial issues pertaining to the management of an international supply chain. How companies are evaluated in capital markets, supplier evaluation, selection, development and management; quality issues, financial analysis of supply chain, business models for manufacturing, activity based management, team based new product development, internal control and risk assessment. Selected readings, case studies, discussions, lectures.

    - Spring 2018, Alan Feiertag, Group Truck Operations, Mack Trucks, Inc.

  • MSE 456/356 (MSE 496) - Micromanufacturing Systems & Technologies - Manufacturing engineering in microelectronics, microelectromechanical, nano-, opto-, and microscale manufactirng. Examination of systems design, equipment, process and operational issues and linkages to business strategies. Crystal growth, thin film deposition processes and patterning, removal processes, vacuum engineering, contamination control, clean room practices,etc. Individual research assignments. Pre-requisite MAT33 or equivalent, instructor permission. note: 300 level course may not be repeated at the 400 level for credit.

    - Spring 2015, Professor Keith Gardiner.

  • MSE 481 (MSE 421) - Technology, Operations and Competitive Strategy - Interrelationships among advanced manufacturing management, technology and competitive strategy of the firm. Topics include: industry analyses and competitiveness; strategy formulation and implementation; value chain analysis; manufacturing and technology strategy; manufacturing’s contribution to competitive advantage in quality, cost, variety and new product availability; segmentation and substitution; vertical integration.

    - Fall 2008-9, Professor Theodore Schlie.

  • MSE 482 (MSE 495) - Aspects of Sustainable Systems Design - Design of sustainable systems for manufacturing that fulfill human needs and generate wealth. Demographic, ecological, economic, environmental, ergonomic, health, and global or local socio-political impacts on design and operation of future systems. Conservation of resources in the design, manufacture and use of products, processes, and implementation systems; life cycle engineering, reclamation, recycling, remanufacture. Research-based term paper required.

    - Spring 2016, Professor Keith Gardiner.

  • MSE 402/495/MBA 401) - Introduction to the Organization and Its Environment - Provides a thorough understanding of business organizations by examining strategies middle and senior managers use to create and sustain organizational competitive advantage. Examines the organization from an overall perspective within the context of the firm's internal and external environment. Course also deals with the ability to communicate effectively in today's business and professional environment. Students will examine and practice the written and verbal communications strategies and skills that are essential to their success in business.

    - Fall and Spring 2017, Professor Andrew Ward.

  • MSE 403/497 - Global Competitive Environment - Experimental projects in selected fields of manufacturing systems engineering, approved by the instructor. Note: MSE 403 is taken in conjunction with MSE 451 Project. The global competitive environment is incorporated in the context of materials covered in the MSE 451 project paper.

    - Fall and Spring 2017, Alan Feiertag.

  • MSE 472 - Special Topics
  • MSE 498 - Special Topics
  • MSE 397 - Advanced Manufacturing Processes - (experimental) - Study of processes, equipment, facilities and strategies employed for the manufacture of advanced technology and other products in a variety of industries. Topics covered will include processes not generally dealt with by traditional manufacturing, industrial or mechanical engineering texts. For example; biotechnology,laser, nanotechnology, optoelectronics, pharmaceutical, vacuum and radiation processes and more. Students will undertake research investigations and make presentations to the class. Pre-requisite: senior standing, good grounding in chemistry and physics, or instructor permission.

    - Professor Keith Gardiner