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Keith M. Gardiner

Professor Emeritus, Director of the Center for Manufacturing Systems Engineering (CMSE) and Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Appointed to Lehigh Faculty: 1989


  • B.Sc., 1953; PhD., 1957; Metallurgy
  • University of Manchester, England

Teaching Areas:

  • Manufacturing Systems and Technologies including Management
  • Organization, Quality, Planning, Control and Sustainability
  • Materials Science
  • Microelectronics Manufacturing, or Micromanufacturing Technologies

Research and Scholarship Areas:

  • Manufacturing Systems (Materials, Processes, Equipment, Facilities, Logistics, People, and their integration)
  • Design and Innovation in Organizations, Products and Systems
  • Environmental and Social Systems
  • Design and Management Systems
  • Industrial Archaeology, and Futures Forecasting
  • Microelectronics and associated manufacturing
  • Curriculum Development, education of the future workforce

Honors, Awards, and Professional Society Memberships:

  • Engineer of the Year, Engineers Week 2004 - Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers, Lehigh Valley Chapter on behalf of the Lehigh Valley Engineering Council.
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Joseph A. Siegel Service Award for significant and unique contributions to benefit the Society, 2003.
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers, College of Fellows, 1993.
  • Phi Beta Delta, International Honor Society (1992) [President Beta Pi Lehigh Chapter (1994-5)].
  • Sigma Xi, Scientific Research Society (1974) [Chair Lehigh Univ. Chap. (1997-8; 2006-7)].
  • US Senate Productivity Improvement Award 1983-4, member IBM Manufacturing Technology Institute team.
  • Fulbright Fellowship, review UK Design Management curricula, Fall 1987.
  • Leader, study of business and industry in Pakistan on behalf of US State Department, Agency of International Development, 1983.
  • Registered Professional Engineer - Manufacturing Engineering, (PE) State of California, 1978.
  • Certified Manufacturing Engineer, CMfgE, Material Removal, 1972-5; Electrical/Electronics Manufacturing 1975 - life renewal 1990 [Society of Manufacturing Engineers].
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers
  • Chair, East Coast Region 3, 2003
  • International Vice-President 1999, Secretary/Treasurer 2000.
  • International Director 1992-93, 1995-96, 2001-2.
  • Member various chapter and international councils and committees, 1972-2007.
  • Future City Competition Advisory Board (Engineers' Week) 2000-2009.
  • National Engineers Week Steering Committee, SME representative 2002 and 2003.
  • Engineers' Club of the Lehigh Valley, chair 2004-7.
  • Lehigh Valley Engineering Council, Chair 1997-8.
  • Member American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society of Manufacturing Engineers and the Engineers' Club of the Lehigh Valley.
  • North American Editor, Journal of Electronics Manufacturing 1991-2003.
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Manufacturing Systems since 1984.
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Manufacturing Processes since 1999.

Prior Experience:

  • Section Leader, Nuclear Fuel Materials Dev. English Electric Co. Ltd., Whetstone, UK
  • Manufacturing Methods Dev. Rolls-Royce Aero Engine Div., Derby, UK
  • IBM (UK) Ltd., Manufacturing Research Lab., Hursley; transfer to IBM Technology Div. VT; parallel assignments as prof. of Mechanical Eng. , Univ. of VT, and Southern Univ., LA; subsequently IBM Corporate, Manufacturing Technology Institute.

Representative Publications (some co-authored*):

  • "Professional Education for the 21st Century Workforce," Proceedings, ASEE 2014 Zone 1 Conference, University of Bridgeport, CN, April 3-5, Paper 81.
  • "Virtual and Collaborative Project-Based Learning," Proceedings, ASEE Northeast Section Conference, University of Massahusetts Lowell, April 27-28, 2012.
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  • Embedding Sustainability into the Engineering Curriculum, Fall 2010 Mid-Atlantic ASEE Conference, Villanova University, October 15-16, 2010.
  • The Development of the First Year Engineering Experience w. Jaime D. Alava, Fall 2010 Mid-Atlantic ASEE Conference, Villanova University, October 15-16, 2010.
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