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Siddhanth Jayaraman

Sid entered the MSE Program in spring 2015. He graduated in May 2016.
Sid completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Toledo with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.


My passion for manufacturing began when I frequently visited the Mercedes Benz plant in India with my father. I was fascinated by how the assembly line functioned and was infallible. The sequence of processes was well thought out, which ultimately resulted in a vehicle in its own elite class. This experience stimulated my passion and excitement for process improvement and quality.

I have always been an avid learner and my skill set continuously reinforced a great interest in academics. My education provided me the confidence and readiness to face the rigors of graduate studies. Through the co-op program during my undergraduate studies, I was part of world-renowned companies including Mercedes Benz, Case New Holland and Crown Equipment Corporation.  Working with these companies not only provided me with an immense feeling of pride, but also an eye-opening experience. I learned that several challenging and complicated projects may be assigned to test my skill set while simultaneously providing me with a learning experience. Even though some of the projects were challenging, I managed to complete them efficaciously while adhering to deadlines.

In November 2014, I flew to Pennsylvania to meet Dr. Keith Gardiner to learn more about the MSE program. During this meeting, I realized that the MSE program at Lehigh completely matched my passion and interest which is when I decided to pursue MSE at the masters’ level. The first semester at Lehigh has been nothing but a memorable experience. Professors’ expertise in the subject matter and the willingness to share extensive knowledge through various means attracted me more towards those courses. Lehigh truly is a hidden gem and I am proud to be a part of this prestigious institution.




Mouly entered the MSE Program in fall 2014. He graduated in May 2016.
Mouly completed his undergraduate degree at the Madras Institute of Technology


My interest in manufacturing and industrial management started when I read “The Goal” by Eliyahu M. Goldratt during a high school break. It inspired me to enter into the manufacturing sector and manage its challenges. After high school, I was admitted into Madras Institute of Technology, one of the premier institutes in India to pursue a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Production Engineering. I learned a lot about different manufacturing processes and gained hands on experience by attending various internships and externships. During the start of my junior year, I was working as a Student Entrepreneur where I managed an apparel marketing company and profited from the demand that existed for team clothing in universities. Coming from a family that runs a small scale textile industry, it was a great experience to taste the flavor of entrepreneurship on my own.

After graduation I worked as a Production Planner with MAS Steel fabricators in India. After a year on the shop floor, I decided to travel and explore the perspectives of manufacturing other than the core manufacturing processes. One of the main reasons that I chose Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Lehigh University is its emphasis on “the systems approach.” I am able to explore Process Improvement, Supply Chain, Procurement and all other aspects of manufacturing rather than concentrating on just the manufacturing processes. After successfully completing a facility layout project with B.Braun, and a Process Improvement project with Effort Foundry, I am starting a Process Improvement Internship with Royal Trucks and equipment. With a year of study left, I am excited about the knowledge and opportunities I am going to gain by being a Manufacturing Systems Engineering student at Lehigh University.