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What industry partners and alumni are saying

"I accepted a position as CFO of a manufacturing firm, and I wanted to let you know that as I was interviewing, I was told by many potential employers that what set me apart from other candidates was my MS in MSE. I really believe that without it I would have had a much different experience in my search and outcome."

Diane Arutt Matty
MSE Class of 2016

"I chose the Lehigh MSE program to help me raise the level of impact I have in my daily work. After completing the program I can say that it exceeded my expectations, and I used practically everything I learned in some way. The core course selection was right on target for my job, and the flexibility for the rest of the program helped me fill in some gaps to give me a much better background for success."Ï

Neil Christensen, Lean Manufacturing Manager, Dana Holding Corporation, Pottstown, PA
MSE Class of 2016

"The MSE Program at Lehigh University is the KEY to my success. The real world experience of the teaching staff combined with guest speakers who were highly successful in their respective industries were invaluable to my education. I was able to instantly apply learned concepts and processes in my own work environment which brought my career to the next level. Thank you to the wonderful staff and top notch advisors!"

Alfonso Buonomo
MSE Class of 2016

"Thank you for the opportunity that you gave me with the MSE '93 program. This program coupled with other accomplishments helped to prepare me for a stellar career eventually leading to a key role for Oracle Product Development in designing their advanced systems for high tech companies, a position I held up to 2005. I then launched my own supply chain management consulting practice based on Oracle applications which has done quite well in the marketplace. In fact, we are #1 among such firms."

Kevin Creel, CoFounder and President of Strategy and Solutions for Inspirage
MSE Class of 1993

"The MSE Program at Lehigh University is superior to many other graduate engineering programs because it can be tailored to meet the interests or needs of the student and the sponsoring employer. This flexibility allows both parties to realize the maximum possible benefit from the experience."

Robert Volk, New Product Development & Tooling Engineering Manager, Sabert Corporation
MSE Class of 2003

"The concepts of lean manufacturing and total quality management that are taught in the MSE program are essential and highly sought after tools in today's competitive environment. Together with Lehigh's MBA program, the MSE program has given me an appreciation of the challenges that are present in all aspects of a manufacturing business, and has enhanced my ability to make decisions that are in the best interest of the organization as a whole."

Debra Waltemyer, Sales Engineer, Machine Vision Products
MBA&E Class of 2004

"The Lehigh MSE program offers advanced levels of concentration that focus on manufacturing and business systems. The multi-skill approach combines both technical and business analysis for individuals and creates opportunities for them to succeed in today's globally driven organizations."

Alan Feiertag, Vehicle Module Team Leader, Volvo - 3P, Mack Trucks Site.
MSE Class of 2003

"The design/analysis class was just one component of the MSE Program that continues to benefit me in the real world. The MSE program is very well integrated, we learned business and engineering theory, we got a lot of hands-on experience, and we did a lot of projects. The supply-chain management and e-commerce classes were especially helpful. The product-design classes cover all aspects of design. You learn how to design a new product, something a customer wants, and then you learn to go in front of the customer and sell the product to them."

Joleen Codner, Manufacturing Engineer, Northrop-Grumman Corporation
MSE Class of 2001

"I find the Lehigh MSE Program to be both worthwhile and supportive of my current work assignments. I tend to rate a class by one of three categories; (1) glad I am out of there, (2) that was interesting, or (3) boy, I can sure use that. All of the Lehigh classes have been rated 2 or 3, with the majority of them a category 3."

Frank Paulic, Albuquerque, New Mexico
MSE Class of 2009

"Without on-line study, I would not have been able to complete my bacherlor's degree or pursue my master's degree. I have three small children and lived outside of the country for a period, so on-line study was the only option for me. Half of my bachelor's degree was done on-line through another college, and all of my master's degree in MSE with Lehigh was on-line. All on-line programs have their good and bad points. However, the professors are what I find different about the Lehigh MSE Program. In all of my studies, the Lehigh professors are by far the most passionate and knowledgeable in the topics they teach."

Terry Buchter, Teleflex Medical, Blandon, PA
MSE Class of 2009

"The MSE program offers a perfect blend of traditional theory, practical group projects, and current events and trends in manufacturing and business. The diversity of students and faculty from many industries and backgrounds help you explore thoughts that cross many boundaries. And all of this is conducted in an environment that functions much like teams that work together virtually in many companies today."

Christopher Czyzewski, Lockheed Martin
MSE Class of 2009

"The MSE graduate program introduced me to cutting edge systems engineering concepts. I'm currently applying some of the acquired knowledge in my career. I was impressed by the way MSE professors and support staff at Lehigh helped me by patiently answering questions, walking me through the processes involved with distance education. I have recommended the program to co-workers and feel that it is an investment that is well worth the effort."

Gary Gutierrez, Lead Process Engineer, Northrop Grumman Corporation Redondo Beach, CA
MSE Class of 2011

"The MSE program provides those with an engineering background the tools to be more well rounded by having the option of taking business classes. This allows decisions to be made using different view points - from either an engineering or a business perspective. It is important (and eye-opening) to understand the aspects and priorities of both sides of the business. Also, the flexibility of satellite/online classes made it possible to work full-time, watch lectures, do class work, and still have a life."

Jessica Kuzmich, Manufacturing Supervisor, Varicella B12, Merck & Company
MSE Class of 2011

"The MSE program offered extremely interesting courses and topics that I have found useful for many applications. I hope to continue my education at Lehigh in the near future to pursue various certificates."

Daniel Cumiskey, Merck & Company, Inc., West Point, PA
MSE Class of 2012

"The MSE program through Lehigh University opened up my eyes to see my work in new ways. Starting with the first class on Agile Organizations and Manufacturing Systems, I started seeing outside of the box that I had gotten in within my company. I saw new ways of getting my job done, how to satisfy my customers, and how I could make my overall operation better, faster and cheaper. Each class built on the last and I ended with a greater understanding for how I could really make a difference in my work. The distance program is outstanding and keeps getting better. I never felt that I was missing out by not being in the classroom. I was challenged in each class, and enjoyed the opportunity to meet students from other industries and backgrounds."

Alice Queseberry, Director of Global Test Operations, TriQuint
MSE Class of 2012